How Product Leaders Use Community Sift

Putting our product to work for you

Nudity Detection

Want to keep your community safe from explicit content? We automatically detect and filter sexual images and pornography in your social product.

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Profanity Filter

The old-school approach to chat filtering or comment filtering was to use a blacklist/whitelist. Unfortunately, this 'blunt object' approach doesn't consider context, misspellings, or 'dictionary-dancing' in chat.

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Cut Moderation Costs

As your social platform grows, your moderation costs will increase exponentially. Scale up your efforts in an intelligent way with the Community Sift content filtering software and moderation tools instead.

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Video Game Chat Filtering

Save yourself oodles of development work by leveraging our context-centric chat filter to get rid of offensive content, trolling, and toxicity in your game. See the Community Sift chat filter in action with our BrowserQuest example.

Streamline Username Approvals

Making sure every new username and nickname is appropriate for your game or network can be tedious. We streamline this workflow by leveraging the Community Sift text classifier to help you automate name approvals.

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Keep Children Safe on Your Social Platform

Child-directed and family-friendly products have different needs than general audience or adult-only applications. Protect younger users with our kidSAFE Certified Settings and achieve COPPA compliance.

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Help Users Struggling With Self-Harm and Suicide

Suicide and calls-for-help are important issues to address, and 'false positive' reports can clog up your system, putting users at risk. Take immediate action with our triage system.

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Gain Deeper Insight

You could review dashboards to show you where people are clicking, but do you know what your users are talking about on your platform?

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Filter Profanity in Multiple Languages

In a global marketplace, localization is key to any product strategy. Want to expand into multiple languages but keep costs low and maintain your moderation practices across regions?

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Eliminate Hate Speech

Racism and hate speech are heated and sensitive subjects. Use the Community Sift hate speech detection algorithm to prevent the spread of toxic and abusive content.

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Treat Users as Individuals

Instead of using a "one-size-fits-all" approach to your community, our software empowers you to treat people as individuals.

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Protect Your Brand

Every business should have a brand protection strategy, and part of that should include tactics to preserve the company's image on social media channels.

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