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Scalable Common Sense

Sift is pioneering new methods for filtering user-generated content so you can effectively moderate toxic users while encouraging positive engagement.

The tools have an impressive ability to filter billions of messages daily using over a million signatures in multiple languages. Sift has also bypassed current limitations by adding reputation and context into the risk analysis. This gives you the big picture on who your users are, what they are saying, and why.

  • Identify Toxic Players

  • Stop Cyberbulling

  • Increase Community Engagement

  • Brand Protection

Chat Moderation Solutions

Healthy Community

Users exposed to unmoderated toxicity are three times more likely to disengage from an online community. But only a small percentage of users are toxic, why treat all their messages the same? The problem isn’t something bad being said once, it's about a user repeatedly engaging in toxic behavior that disrupts a healthy community.

Identify Your Toxic Users

Context is King

Sift has innovated a better way to manage unwanted toxic behavior and to reward positive behavior by evaluating a user's reputation and understanding the risk of a message in proper context. This creates a positive experience for your users by increasing user engagement, ensuring safety, and building trust in your community.

Reward Positive Behaviour

Simple to Install and Use

Sift provides the most advanced functionality in the industry, all wrapped up in a simple HTTPS call. You just send your UGC and Sift filters it through your policies for that page, channel, or user. It will return “true” if the content passes or “false” if it doesn’t. It will then generate any additional parameters you have set, such as whether to h#sh out certain words, display warning messages, and so on. Sift’s backend is loaded with webhooks that can make calls to your server or generate a human review.

Chat Check API Example
Sift Filters Content

Expanded Language Support

Behind Sift are full-time native speakers for each of its growing set of supported languages. In addition, we have developed a means to quickly identify core toxic-language patterns in additional languages to rapidly build a contextual database of problematic communications. Once we do all that work, we then tune it to your environment. Sift uses multiple algorithms in both natural and unnatural language to perform quality control on our list to form an effective defense against toxic users trying to bypass your system.

Sift Classifies Your Data

What Our Awesome Clients Say

"Streamlines Moderation Significantly"

"Sift has made it possible for us to introduce chat safely, cost-effectively and with an extremely high degree of confidence that inappropriate language and behaviour will be identified and stopped before it ever reaches the world."

"Sift has an elegant and straightforward approach which streamlines the moderation task significantly. The additional benefit is an added dimension of analysis of user behaviour."

"We recommend it."

Carl Goodman - Tiny Planets


"The success of our daily operations depends upon our relationship with Sift. They're like fine waiters, there when you need them with exactly what you need!"

Rebecca Newton - Mind Candy / PopJam


"Their leadership, advice, and counsel have helped JBF become a trusted provider for children’s digital content for Professional Sporting teams in the NHL, NFL, and the NBA"

- JBF Sports

"Safe and Secure"

"Millions of writers, readers, educators, and parents depend on Storybird to be safe and secure. And we depend on Chris and his team to deliver that security. They’re baked into our business."

- Storybird


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