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Planning to expand your social product into multiple languages?

In a global marketplace, moving into other regions and languages is crucial to any business strategy. But it’s essential that you factor in the exponential costs of moderation when building your localization strategy.

Consider the following when scaling into new markets and languages:

  • Cost. How will you keep costs low without compromising quality? Say you currently provide around-the-clock support, and employ three English content moderators. Want to add five additional languages to your product? With this current approach, that means hiring fifteen more moderators, all in different languages.
  • Quality. How can you ensure that your content filter provides the same level of quality for additional languages? Every language contains unique cultural idioms and expressions that are critical when using a text or username filter.
  • Efficiency. How do you avoid duplicating work that you’ve already done in other languages? When you find a moderation process that works, how will you move that process into your new language and ensure that it follows the same community guidelines?

Smart Product Localization

Luckily, you have Community Sift on your side. A content filter and moderation tool that handles User Generated Content (UGC), including text, usernames, and images in multiple languages, Community Sift blends cutting-edge artificial intelligence coupled with a human team to provide a robust moderation solution for social products.

We’ve helped clients across the industry scale into the global market, all while keeping costs low. Our advanced automated content moderation tools provide duplicate workflows across languages, saving you time and money.

Community Sift auto-detects languages and provides deep support for a myriad of popular languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and more.

Here’s how Community Sift can help with your business expansion strategy:

Scalable Moderation

Our hybrid system combines real-time automation and human review for a scalable solution to increased users and content. This way, you can add more languages without exponentially increasing your moderation staff. Let Community Sift label and filter the worst content and allow the good stuff, while your moderators focus on prioritized user reports and making hard decisions about content that falls somewhere in between.

High-Quality Language Localization

We provide a variety of built-in languages with thousands of linguistic patterns already programmed to accurately label and filter cyber bullying, hate speech, PII (Personally Identifiable Information), harassment, and more. Our language localizations were built by native speakers who understand cultural idioms and slang expressions, guaranteeing a high level of quality.

Reusable Automated Workflows

It’s costly and time-consuming to duplicate work across global language teams. Have you found a process that works? It takes seconds to copy an existing, proven moderation flow and move it into a new language. Want to protect your brand and ensure that community guidelines are maintained across languages? Set your threshold for all languages and we’ll create one Policy Guide for all communities. If settings need to be tweaked based on key cultural differences, we can do that, too.

We are committed to growing with you, as you add more languages and more team members to your product. Whether you’re a startup just expanding your user base or an established brand looking to scale into the global market, we would love to work together.

Contact us today for a free demo, and let’s get started.