Keep Children Safe on Your Social Platform

COPPA Compliance and Earning Your KidSAFE Seal

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What can product managers do to ensure the safety of young users?

For children, signing onto the social web means opening up a channel between them and the many dangerous threats that target youth online.

Grooming and sexual exploitation are some of the worst-case scenarios that can result from a lack of safety measures, and can usually be traced back to personally identifiable information (PII) being shared in chat rooms. Young people are also some of the easiest targets for in-game fraud. That is why it is so important for children's social products to cover all their bases before inviting users to communicate through their platform. Children's online communities can be fun, rewarding, and educational, but first and foremost, they have to be safe.

"Children's online communities can be fun, rewarding, and educational, but first and foremost, they have to be safe."

As the team that helped build the original safety and support tools for Club Penguin, one of the world's largest kid’s games with over 300 million users, we are uniquely poised to fill this niche. There is no organization better fit to ensure the safety of children online. Social games with younger audiences can integrate with Community Sift to instantly facilitate a safer experience for all. We can also help you with COPPA compliance and earning your KidSAFE seal.

COPPA Compliance

The Children’s Online Privacy Act was enacted as a United States federal law in April 2000 to ensure a safe environment for children to interact online.

Community Sift is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

It restricts the collection of personally identifiable information (PII) from young people without their parents’ consent by legally requiring any websites with users 13-and-under to meet a list of conditions. COPPA asks that organizations post a complete privacy policy on their website, inform parents directly about information collection practices, and obtain their verifiable consent before collecting or sharing personal information about their children.

COPPA defines PII as any of the following: a person's real name, phone number, social security number, physical address, photograph/video/audio file containing a child’s personal image or voice, geolocation information, a persistent identifier that can be used to recognize a user across different websites, or any information concerning the child or child’s parents that can be used in combination with other information to identify a child.

Websites that must comply with COPPA regulations can use Community Sift to meet their safety goals. To keep PII out of your community, we created a Policy Guide specifically for apps and games that need to be COPPA-compliant. We still recommend a COPPA review by a 3rd party to look at your privacy statement, account creation process, and internal storage of data.

KidSAFE Seal Program

The KidSAFE Seal is an independent safety certification that offers a seal of approval for children-friendly websites and apps. KidSAFE rewards products that comply with its standards with a slot on their list of approved products, as well as a seal of approval to display on their website.

Products wishing to earn their KidSAFE certification must have safety measures in place for social features. They must also provide rules and educational info about safety, parental controls over a child's account, procedures for handling issues of safety, and ensuring age-appropriate content.

By enabling you to enforce community guidelines, our system can help you meet many of the KidSAFE requirements. Our intelligent automation makes Community Sift the perfect solution for online worlds dealing with large volume.

For more information on how you can use Community Sift to protect children’s safety online, please contact us at .