Reimagining The Profanity Filter

A profanity filter doesn’t need to be a four-letter word.

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According to Riot Games, a user who experiences toxicity is 320% more likely to leave.

When you designed your social product, you probably weren’t thinking about a profanity filter. You were focused on creating a great product, and not how to handle profanity in your community. But it’s crucial that you determine your tolerance for vulgarity early on, as swearing is often used in conjunction with high-risk content like cyber bullying, hate speech, harassment, and abuse. And if users are bullied and harassed, they will leave. We know that it costs 5 to 25 times more to attract a new user than to keep an existing one — so how do you ensure that your existing users keep coming back?

Luckily, you have options. We’ve spent millions of dollars and years developing a solution that’s more nuanced and detailed than an average run-of-the-mill blacklist, whitelist, or RegEx. Maintaining these sorts of solutions for profanity filtration is tiresome and unscalable for your engineering and community staff (believe us, we’ve experienced the same pain first-hand). The advantage of using a smart filter like Community Sift is that you can leverage the rules, patterns, and signatures developed across a wide variety of products, industries, and communities. In our case, we’re under contract to process 4 billion messages a day, so we find new profanity trends and vulgarity patterns every day.

Maybe you want to allow mild swearing but block the most explicit words. We can do that. Want to prevent racism and hate speech but allow expressive swearing? Our system recognizes the linguistic patterns that are unique to hate speech, but can still allow for positive statements like "That’s f*&%ing awesome!”

Regardless of your audience, we can help you make the right decision for your product. We’ve optimized our profanity filter for a variety of products and can offer insight and tips for all demographics, including:

  • Child-directed
  • Family Friendly
  • General
  • Mature Audience

Fostering a healthy community is all about providing a platform where users feel safe, welcomed, and excited to return to. Using a profanity filter and preventing the kinds of vulgarities that are used to bully and harass others, you can build a community that thrives — and that keeps coming back for more. We’d love to talk about how we can help you achieve your dreams.

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