Protect Users From Religious Discrimination

How will you keep your community safe from hate speech?

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It’s important that communities maintain an open, healthy dialogue about the issues that matter most.

The topic of religion can lead to heated discussions, but we can all agree that when those conversations devolve into hate speech, they have no place on your platform.

With Community Sift you decide what is acceptable in your community. We classify language on a sliding scale of risk so that you can tailor the filter to your audience’s needs. For instance, a child-directed product may want to restrict any conversation around religion, while a general or family-friendly audience may need to allow conversations around faith, but block hate speech and high-risk content, including:

  • Religious slurs, including slang and emerging trends
  • Cyberbullying connected to religious discrimination
  • Personal threats and violent rhetoric

We can help you eliminate offensive content that threatens the freedom of users without compromising freedom of speech.

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