What Can Community Sift Do for You?

Over 100 product features to grow and shape healthy online communities

The world’s most advanced content filter and classification system

Community Sift is a text classification and filtering system that identifies and labels user-created content online, using an efficient combination of AI and human moderation. It understands patterns of behaviour such as bullying and sexting, and then applies automated actions based on community-specific policies.

Key features to protect your community

Cyber Bullying

Protect your users. Stop online bullying and harassment on your social platform.


Keep your community healthy using our advanced profanity filter.


Need to achieve COPPA compliance or earn your kidSAFE Seal? We've got this.

Child Exploitation Prevention

You must prevent child exploitation and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in your social product.

PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

Keep your community safe, and protect users’ PII in all demographics.

Hate Speech

Stop hate speech, racism, and harassment from ruining your platform.

Self-Harm and Suicide

Detect cries for help, and protect vulnerable users at risk of hurting themselves.

Cyber Crime

Keep your community free of online scams. Our filter helps you detect and prevent fraud.

Hidden Profanity

Protecting users from high-risk, manipulative content such as l337 5p34k requires a filter that can detect and filter hidden profanity.

Religious Discrimination

Don't want religious wars on your platform? We are equipped to protect users from religious hate speech.


Built-in Website URL Blocking protect users from being redirected to risky content on dangerous sites.

Text Classification Features

Below is a short summary of some of the many features we offer.

  • Patent-pending filter technology
  • Live chat viewer
  • Historic chat viewer
  • Customizable user summary page
  • Recent chat by user
  • Reported user and content approval
  • User suggested phrases to add to the filter
  • Watched words (see 20 examples of how a word or rule is used)
  • Moderation queues for text content (5 different views based on needs)
  • Moderation queues for images (3 different views), able to process 7,000 images per human hour
  • Escalate text to Community Sift through the tool
  • Escalate text to Supervisor for a decision
  • Escalate images to supervisor as potentially child exploitive
  • Label images for training AI based systems

For an in-depth look at Community Sift's feature list, please contact our sales team.

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