Smart Automation Software for Purposeful Moderation

Community Sift protects social platforms from trolls, cyberbullying, and abuse

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Text + Image Filtering

You decide what goes on in your community. With limitless customizability, our tool supports your needs.

Purposeful Moderation

Free your moderators from hours of self-evident review, and empower them to efficiently handle the rest.

Setup Within Minutes

What we do is hard, but implementing our service is easy. You can get started with a simple HTTPS POST call through our API.


“Every social product should be using Community Sift.”
Josh Elman, Partner, Greylock
formerly product management at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

“Millions of writers, readers, educators, and parents depend on Storybird to be safe and secure. And we depend on Chris and his team to deliver that security. They're baked into our business.”
Mark Ury, CEO, Storybird

“The success of our daily operations depends upon Community Sift. They're like fine waiters - there when you need them with exactly what you need!”
Rebecca Newton, Head of Trust & Community, SuperAwesome

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A Complex Problem

Understanding online community dynamics

On the internet, people don’t always act responsibly. More and more product owners are waking up to find growing subcultures of trolling, hate speech or exploitation in their communities. The question emerges: What do you do to protect free speech while also protecting your users from harm?

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Finding the Needles in the Haystack

Sifting through billions of messages

We are under contract to process billions of messages daily using over a million signatures in multiple languages. Our system bypasses limitations of other similar solutions by adding reputation and context into the risk analysis. This gives you the big picture on who your users are and what they are saying.

Billions of messages, multiple languages
Actionable insights

Insights You Can Act On

Proactive solutions at your fingertips

With 119 features and counting, our system favors nuance. We label your data with actionable insights so you know exactly what’s going on in your community at all times, giving you the ability to decide how you want to respond.

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