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we filter BILLIONS of messages


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we CLASSIFY your data

Rewards Trusted Users Most Active User Sports Interests Latest event Your Content Locations Languages
Bullying Fighting Personal Information Sexting Vulgar Drugs Suicide Website Grooming

we apply YOUR RULES to the data

Measure Risk

Build Reputation


Block Message

Hash Message

Multiple Offenses

we return VALUABLE DATA to your server

Update Player

Reward postive users, harden filters on troublesome users, auto-escalate key issues like fraud and grooming

Return Answers to Your Server


Automatic Analysis

Trending, new patterns, suggest spellings, escalated workflows, alarms, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and self-learning algorithms

Custom Workflows

Add to live, historic logs, and custom workflows

Customer Testimonials


The Sift Plans

We’ll help you find a plan that matches your needs and budget


The Enterpise plan is designed for clients who want a serious solution to meet their custom needs.

Backup System

Don’t let your entire system be put at risk of another vendor’s cloud going down or out of business. Pre-install our system alongside theirs. If you get a service unavailable or timeout route all traffic to ours.


We find a lot of startups love our system because it saves them hundreds of thousands in having to build a partial system themselves.


We are currently looking for resellers to handle our lower volume customers who are not yet ready for an enterprise tool suite.


Competitive Advantages

...and why our current customers love us

Benefits For You & Your Community

Healthy Compliant Community

A healthy and compliant community makes for a better experience for your users and improves the user engagement, safety, and trust in your community.

Change Your Own Rules

You can change your own rules. No need to send in help desk tickets and wait 24 hours.

Less Work Load

The Sift community system tools are so efficient you'll spend less time with false positives so you can focus your energy on other important parts of your business.

No Long Contracts

No startup-fee, no long contracts, we know you’ll love it so we don’t have to lock you down.

Benefits of the Sift Tools

Trust Based Filtering

Patent pending trust based filtering that finally lets you treat grey words differently. Filter by user instead of restricting everyone because typically only 1% of users are toxic.

Cloud Based

Cloud based so you don’t have to hire more sysadmins just to host, monitor and make redundant.

Highly Efficient Workflows

Highly efficient workflows tuned over 18 years of industry experience.

Rule Suggestion

The system automatically suggests new rules. No more hunting through endless logs or trusting it runs without any moderators.

Benefits of the Sift Team

Committed Veteran Team

Veteran Team that are committed to helping you with our strong Canadian charm.

Fast Install

Very fast install process. Have it working in a few hours then slowly add deeper integration as needed.

We Manage Changing Culture

It is just so much better to let our team deal with the headache of the constant changing culture and creativity of your users.